Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts for Animal Lovers

woman in red dress standing beside brown horse during daytime

Ahh, Valentine's Day; the perfect day for giving chocolates and flowers. But what if that special someone spends most of their days dreaming of cat cuddles and puppy kisses? This year, let's spoil our favorite animal lovers with gifts that really make their pet-obsessed hearts happy. 

 Lokai Animal Rescue Cause Collection Bracelet

animal rescue bracelet

For each bracelet purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Humane Society, making this a wonderful gift for animal lovers! Each Lokai bracelet is infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth - The white bead on the bracelet holds water from Mount Everest, and is meant as a reminder to always stay humble. The black bead holds mud from the Dead Sea, to signify hope. Price: $23.00


Animal Paw Socks

cat paw socks

This Valentine's Day, give the gift of making your loved one's feet look like animal paws! These socks have multiple animal paw options - cats, dogs, tigers, bears, elephants, donkeys, and more! Even the sole of the sock looks like the bottom of an animal paw, making this one adorable present. Realistic, funny, and cute, these socks will be keeping paws - oops, we mean feet - warm and stylish all winter long!

Price: $9.96


Great gift for animal lovers girls socks


Cat Necklace

This delicate necklace, made from cubic zirconia, is a purrrfect gift for the cat lovers in your life! It is available in 4 colors and also has a matching pair of earrings that you can find here

Price: $13.99


Paw Print 'Love' Hoodie


Who doesn't love a comfy hoodie, especially when it has a paw print heart?! Cuddle up with your furr-babies and stay warm this winter. Available in 4 colors.


Price: $29.99



 Funny Dog Mug

Okay, so maybe this is a little inappropriate...but we are laughing anyway! The little cartoon dog on this mug is adorable; plus we can all relate to this occasionally, especially before that first morning coffee. If a cat flicking you off is more your style, you can find it here.

 Price: $14.99


 Assorted Animal Face Mask


Valentine's Day is the perfect day to pamper yourself and loved ones - these sheet face masks will help you accomplish just that! Each mask looks like an animal's face, and helps with different things; including moisturizing, firming, purifying, and more. These masks are fun and also great for your skin!

Price: $9.99


Horse Face Mask

Speaking of face masks, COVID-19 has most of us covering up when out in public. But just because you aren't showing off your face at work and the store doesn't mean that you can't show off your love for horses!
Price: $10.99



Stuffed Animal Cat

Are you kidding me with this kitty cuteness?! This fluffy, plush kitty is a pure white stuffed animal, sure to give some awesome snuggles! This pretty kitty would make an excellent Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart, cat-lady friend, child, or maybe just for yourself. 😻

Price: $20.99



Patrick the Pygmy Goat

Here's another adorable stuffed animal that would warm any animal lover's heart. This plush goat is soft, huggable, and absolutely the cutest thing! If your loved one is obsessed with goats, you may also need to check out this hoodie.

 Price: $16.99



Stuffed Animal Pug

stuffed animal pug

One last stuffed animal that we had to share with you is this sweet pug dog, wearing a removable costume. This soft, little baby has different costumes that you can choose from, including a mermaid, panther, and unicorn. So cute! If you still feel the need to see more stuffed animals, this stuffed honey bee might be for you!

Price: $19.99

If you're buying a gift for someone that absolutely loves their pug, make sure to take a peek at these pajama pants. They feature the little dog all over the PJ's with the saying, "Snug as a Pug."


Watercolor Horse Mug

watercolor horse mug
Nothing better than a hot beverage on a cold, winter morning, especially if it's being drank out of this beautiful horse mug. This is a great gift for horse or art lovers. The lovely watercolor print on this mug was painted by artist, Dean Crouser.

Price: $20.85



Funny T-Shirt

Valentine's Day is supposed to be all about the love, but we know that some animal lovers would choose dogs over people, any day. If this sounds like someone that you know, this t-shirt could be the one! If you're really feeling the sassy t-shirts, here's another.

Price: $16.99



Animal Lover Bracelet 

“Caring for Animals Isn’t What I Do. It’s Who I Am.” This pretty, hypoallergenic bracelet gives a wonderful reminder of the unconditional love that one has for animals. It comes in a few different styles and even as a keychain, if that is more of the style that you're looking for.

Price: $14.78


My Spirit Animal - Sloth - Water Bottle

This is the best sloth lover Valentine's Day gift! Leak-proof and BPA free, the water bottle features a sleepy sloth, hangin' out on a tree branch. You can also choose a koala or a llama!


Price: $21.97


We hope this gift guide has helped you find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the animal lovers in your life! ♥

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