Mini Golden Potted Plants - Set of 3
Plants are one of the loveliest ways to brighten up a space. Realistic in color and texture, these artificial potted plants bring the lush beauty of the outdoors without the hassle and worry of maintaining a live plant. The golden pots have a coppery hue, each one featuring an optional inspiring message: 


"Find yourself and be that."
"love more worry less"


The plants come assembled in golden colored pots, as a set of 3. The inspirational messages come pre-attached, or you may opt to receive the pots plain. 
  • Makes an excellent gift to coworkers, friends, and family!
  • Very life-like; a perfect addition to your home or office
  • Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use
  • The plants are made of advanced PE materials, giving the plants a very natural look. Easy to care for
  • The Mini Golden Potted Plants are approximately 4.0" W and up to 8.46" H (from the top tip of the plant to the bottom of the pot)


Shipping Time: 3-10 days


Mini Golden Potted Plants - Set of 3

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